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Luxury Amenities

Our Drug and Alcohol Recovery Spa Can Help You

At our luxury rehab center, our spa-like rehab center helps people suffering from alcohol and drug abuse recover and go on to lead sober, successful lifestyles. From medically monitored luxury detox program to life-changing holistic therapies to a comprehensive aftercare plan that will help you stay sober in the world outside residential care, our resort-like rehab provides the ideal opportunity to get away from it all so you can focus solely on healing. Explore our drug and alcohol rehab spa, and find your path to recovery at our luxury rehab center.

Our Facilities

We are located on 15 acres of rolling hills in picturesque south central Pennsylvania. Enrollment is limited to no more than 17 clients at a time. This allows our highly qualified staff to give each client the attention they deserve throughout the recovery process. During your stay here, you will have access to around-the-clock medical care and staff service.

Clarity Way Fitness Center

We believe that both a healthy body and a healthy mind are essential to the recovery process. Our fitness center includes basketball and tennis courts, a pool, a weight room, and other assorted fitness equipment. A professional fitness instructor is available to help you plan a workout routine that is right for you.

Music Recording and Practice Studio

Clarity Way is equipped with a full-featured music recording studio, designed by professional musician/producer Christopher Thorn, of the band Blind Melon. Our music studio features acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, keyboards, drum, percussion, and a computer equipped with Pro Tools and other production software.


Spending time in one of our two infra-red sauna facilities is the ideal way to promote circulation, pain relief, and other health benefits.

Art Room

The art room at Clarity Way contains everything you need to paint, sculpt, draw, or express yourself under the supervision of one of our art therapists. Our art room is bright and comfortable, perfect for relaxing during your free time.


The recovery process involves lots of introspection – take a break in our relaxing sunroom, where you can read, listen to music, or simply enjoy the view. Being able to spend time with oneself is an important therapy goal, and there is no better place to do it than in our sunroom.

Business Center

Many of our high-profile clients have included CEOs and other businesspeople. At Clarity Way, we understand that for many, leaving the workplace behind is simply not possible. That is why we offer a fully equipped business center with WiFi, a fax machine, and computers available for use at any time.

Housekeeping Services

Daily housekeeping includes turndown services and other general cleaning of our private and semi-private rooms.


All meals are provided during your stay at Clarity Way. We employ a professional gourmet chef – not a catering service – to provide delicious, healthy meals every day and to accommodate the dietary needs of our clients.

Medically Monitored Detox

When you enroll in the alcohol and drug rehab spa at our luxury rehab center you will likely begin your stay in our medically monitored detoxification center, which only accepts 6 clients at one time to ensure the utmost quality care and attention for each of our clients, as well as unparalleled privacy. Our qualified and compassionate staff will help you manage the uncomfortable effects of early withdrawal, which can include challenging issues such as severe flu-like symptoms, depression, anxiety, and even certain serious mental health conditions such as schizophrenia. Our rehab spa can help you avoid these symptoms as you prepare for the therapeutic journey ahead, which will include many of today's most progressive and successful treatments.

Our Treatments

Luxury Rehab

Your individualized recovery plan will include a minimum of 10-15 individual sessions per week, which will include challenging but life-affirming therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral, Motivational Interviewing, and others. You will benefit from Massage Therapy as well as the coping techniques taught in Art Therapy and Music Therapy. You will also benefit from one-on-one Fitness Training, Nutrition education, access to a gourmet kitchen and a heated pool, and more. At our luxury rehab center, our rehab spa will focus on healing your entire self — not only the side effects of your addictive behavior.

After Residential Care

Following residential care our staff will design an individualized Aftercare program that will assure our continued involvement in your commitment to sobriety. Your post-residential treatment plan will include in-person therapy sessions, regular phone calls, the opportunity to participate in “tune up” weekends, and more. Should you feel unprepared to leave our luxury rehab center, you are always free to extend your stay for as long as you wish.

Re-engage Today

Our beautiful and serene property, located in a private location in South Central Pennsylvania's rolling hills, is the ideal location to get away from the stress and pressure of everyday life. At our luxury rehab center, our luxurious property and spa-like atmosphere make it easier to relax and focus on getting well. In fact, many of our clients leave our luxury rehab center feeling better than they have in years. We can help you, too — all you have to do is ask for help.

Call our luxury rehab center now at 1-877-628-1489 to find out more about our holistic approach to sobriety. We believe our relaxing, resort-like atmosphere can help you focus solely on achieving a complete recovery from alcohol and/or drug addiction. Find your path to recovery at our luxury rehab center starting today.

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“Thank you for having faith that I could overcome addiction. I am looking forward to my alcohol-free life back at home.”


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