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Healing Your Spirit

Fighting an addiction to alcohol and/or drugs takes a tremendous toll on the mind and the spirit as well as the body. At Clarity Way, we believe on-site spa facilities provide the individual recovering from the damage of substance abuse with an essential opportunity for healing the spirit. Rigorous spa-like drug and alcohol treatment plans that incorporate relaxing therapies such as Massage Therapy feature a strong emphasis on exploring the individual’s root causes of addiction as well as teaching better physical fitness, nutrition habits, and more.

Our Holistic Spa Drug Detox Facility

At Clarity Way, you’ll begin your path to recovery with a stay in our medically supervised drug and alcohol detox spa, where you will rid your body of dangerous alcohol and/or drug toxins. Once sober, we will evaluate you for signs of dual diagnosis and begin treatment, if necessary; you’ll then proceed to our spa-like addiction rehab, where our therapists will carefully treat the psychological and spiritual causes of your addiction. You will also begin 10-15 individual sessions per week at our spa-like addiction rehab, which features a fully equipped fitness center and a gourmet kitchen. Clarity Way’s spa rehab center will provide you with the amenities that those who live a healthy lifestyle outside of rehab enjoy on a daily basis.

Every client of our addiction rehab facility and spa receives weekly massages in addition to two fitness training sessions per week. By healing your mind and strengthening your body, we believe you’ll be better able to withstand both the pressures of everyday life outside of rehab and the challenges you’ll face when sustaining your post-treatment recovery. As the east coast’s premier drug and alcohol treatment center and spa, our caring, dedicated staff understands that enjoying life outside of rehab is essential to staying on the path to recovery — and when you can learn to have fun without alcohol and/or drugs while reengaging with healthy lifestyle activities such as exercise and massage, you will be better positioned for life-lasting success.

Drug and Alcohol Recovery at Our Spa-Like Facility

Clarity Way’s spa-like alcohol and drug rehab is located on 15 private acres in the rolling hills of south central Pennsylvania. You will be able to focus on your recovery in complete serenity and confidentiality as you reengage with luxurious and healthy lifestyle amenities. You will eat nutritious meals prepared with expertise in our gourmet kitchen. You will rest your mind as you gaze across our beautifully landscaped property. You may even get in the best shape of your life at our fitness center, because at Clarity Way, our drug and alcohol treatment center and spa puts the focus on you.

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