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Executives, CEOs and VIPs

Private Executive Rehab at The Cottage at Clarity Way

The Cottage at Clarity Way provides confidential, ultra-exclusive treatment of all addictions in an atmosphere of unparalleled comfort. As the premier drug and alcohol rehab for executives and other high profile individuals on the east coast, clients of The Cottage at Clarity Way benefit from intensive treatment and luxurious amenities in a private, tranquil location.

A Holistic Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program for Executives and High Profile Individuals

The experienced and qualified staff at The Cottage at Clarity Way believes that achieving a full recovery from substance abuse requires treating the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects and symptoms of addiction. Clients at The Cottage at Clarity Way receive a personalized, highly intensive therapeutic program that incorporates a range of treatment modalities that are at the forefront of addiction medicine today. One-on-one therapies include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Fitness Training in a private studio, Neurobiofeedback, Massage Therapy, and more. Clients of The Cottage at Clarity Way can also take advantage of our rehab center facilities, located on the same property.

Rehab Center Amenities

Clarity Way is an exclusive executive drug and alcohol rehab in its own right. The luxurious facility, located on 15 serene and beautifully-maintained acres in the rolling hills of South Central Pennsylvania, features a heated in-ground swimming pool, fully equipped fitness and business centers, infrared saunas and full-sized basketball and tennis courts. There is a state of the art music recording studio and a complete art studio, as well as walking trails, a hair salon, and more. Clients also benefit from a 24-hour gourmet kitchen, made-to-order meals that take into account dietary requirements and preferences, and the knowledge that at our rehab center, the focus is always on achieving and sustaining a complete, lifelong recovery.

A Small, Community-Oriented Environment

Our rehab center is able to provide custom-tailored solutions for substance abuse recovery in part because of our small client population. The Cottage at Clarity Way only accepts up to 6 clients at one time, while our rehab center only accepts up to 17 clients at one time. This fosters an environment where bonding is possible, and small group therapy sessions — which can be terrifying for individuals recovering from substance abuse — stay truly small. Our clients become physically and emotionally stronger as they rediscover the sense of purpose that defined their lifestyles before addiction. Following residential care, we design a customized Aftercare plan that takes into account the specific needs of each client and assures we remain a part of their lifelong recovery.

Reengage with a Healthy Lifestyle at The Cottage at Clarity Way

You do not have to suffer through substance abuse recovery alone. Call The Cottage at Clarity Way now at 1-877-628-1489 and get your life back on track, starting today.

A WORD FROM OUR CLIENTS Hear more about how we've enabled our clients to move forward from addiction towards the path of recovery.

“When we sent our son to treatment, we still didn't know exactly what to expect from the entire process. Through our experience with Clarity Way, we learned how much more there is to being 'in recovery' than simply going through a 30-day rehab program. Clarity Way helped prepare our son for what life would be like after treatment, the struggles he would face and helped give him the tools to work through the future issues that would naturally arise. They also worked with him to create an aftercare plan that had clear, firm goals in place to work toward after leaving he program. I think that having this plan in place helped him tremendously, especially in his early days after treatment. I'm so proud to say that our son is still sober today, followed through with all of his post-treatment plans and finally understands for himself what living life 'in recovery' is truly about.”


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