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Family Involvement

The Luxury Drug and Alcohol Rehab Where Family Stays Involved

The founders of Clarity Way, Justin and Robin Daniels, understand exactly how substance abuse affects the whole family. Developing a strong support system with loved ones is essential for creating an environment compatible with sobriety as well as long-term fulfillment. Our luxury alcohol and drug rehab allows family members to stay involved during the entire process, including Family Therapy, which creates an environment where rebuilding trust and healing emotional damage are the top priorities.

About Clarity Way

At Clarity Way, we focus on holistic treatment for substance abuse problems. This means we believe in the interconnectedness of mental, physical, social, and emotional wellbeing. Clients stay with us for an average of 30 days, during which time they participate in approximately 10-15 individual sessions per week to work on feeling better from each of these perspectives. We do this through various techniques, including traditional counseling sessions, Art and Music Therapy, physical fitness, and more.

Intervention and Early Care

Many clients come to our luxury rehab center because family members and loved ones arranged an intervention. During intervention, which Clarity Way coordinates with a professional interventionist, people who care confront the person abusing drugs or alcohol and attempt to convince him or her to seek treatment at our luxury rehab center. Upon enrolling at our luxury rehab center, our detox center helps clients manage early withdrawal symptoms. During detox, our luxury drug and alcohol rehab allows family members to stay in touch, thus establishing a pattern of family involvement.

Family Therapy

Family Involvement

Not only does our luxury alcohol and drug rehab allow family members to stay in touch during detox, we also help our clients reengage with their loved ones in Family Therapy. Justin Daniels - himself a recovered addict - understands how substance abuse damages trust and shakes the foundation of the family. Justin believes that the support his wife, Robin, gave him during his own time of rehabilitation helped him walk the life-lasting path to sobriety he stays on today. Family Therapy helped him become a better husband, a better father, and a better friend. It also helped Robin and their children heal from the damage caused by Justin's chronic substance abuse issues in a safe environment.

When residential care ends, the Recovery Support Team at our luxury rehab center develops an Aftercare program tailored to the specific needs of each client. Family members who actively engage with a loved one's recovery strongly increase the likelihood of that client maintaining long-lasting sobriety.

Care Decisions

Our luxury rehab center prides itself on the individual treatment plans that are custom designed for each and every client who passes through our doors. Each client receives a minimum of 10-15 individual sessions per week, which vary depending on specific needs. We use today's most progressive and successful therapies - including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing Therapy, Psychotherapy, and more - as well as auditory, visual, and kinesthetic techniques that let us provide a truly holistic approach to sobriety. As our clients heal, we may adjust these therapies and treatments as necessary - and family members will remain informed of these changes, every step of the way. At our luxury rehab center, supportive family members are never cut off from their loved ones.

How do I Provide Support After Treatment?

Aftercare support is a critical part of recovery, and a large part of our therapy focuses on giving clients the tools they need to deal with the stresses of returning to everyday life. As a spouse, relative, or close friend of a recovering addict, the best thing you can do is to be welcoming and supportive as they transition into sober life. Because every addiction is triggered differently, our therapists will be able to provide more specific guidelines for relapse prevention in the weeks and months following the end of their inpatient treatment.

Where Can I Turn for Help?

Watching a family member or close friend go through the addiction and recovery process can be stressful for anyone. If you feel like you could use professional help – or just an understanding person to talk to – phone our office today at 1-877-628-1489. We may be able to recommend a therapist in your area with specific experience treating people who are struggling with an addiction in the family.

A WORD FROM OUR CLIENTS Hear more about how we've enabled our clients to move forward from addiction towards the path of recovery.

“Clarity Way has given me the tough love I needed, the compassion I did not deserve and the guidance I required. Thank you for showing me how to live a sober life.”


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