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Aftercare Program

Aftercare Program & Relapse Prevention

For many people who struggle with addiction to alcohol or drugs, relapse is a challenging problem. The fact remains, however, that people who enroll in formalized substance abuse treatment programs are more likely to sustain life-lasting abstinence. At our luxury rehab center, we are pleased to offer a customized, comprehensive rehab Aftercare program to each of our clients when inpatient care ends, helping avoid a devastating relapse.

Luxury Rehab Aftercare

Justin and Robin Daniels, the founders of Clarity Way, understand just how challenging and damaging it is to relapse into addictive behavior. The Aftercare program at our our luxury rehab center helps our qualified staff contribute to each and every client's life-lasting recovery. Our Aftercare program focuses on extended care that tailors to each client's individual needs. From in-person sessions with outpatient counselors, addiction counselors, and family counselors to follow up phone calls, our staff is ready to assist our clients with their continuing commitment to sustaining a life-lasting sobriety.

Treatment Customized to Your Specific Needs

Aftercare Lifestyle

Many clients find the transition from inpatient to outpatient care difficult. People who are newly living a sober lifestyle find comfort in routine, support, and familiarity. Before leaving our luxury rehab center, our Aftercare staff works with each client to develop a schedule that will make following the habits of an abstinent lifestyle easier. We help our clients find and choose sober living arrangements; each client receives a summary in writing that details issues such as where to find outpatient therapeutic services, how to develop personal support systems, and more. We stay in touch with each client, too, for a minimum of one year — and we are here should any issues arise. Clarity Way also sponsors “tune up” weeks and weekends that help our clients recommit to the principles and practices that comprise sober and satisfying living.

A Progressive Approach to Recovery

Our inpatient program provides our clients with the tools necessary to return to everyday life and remain sober, but a comprehensive Aftercare program is pivotal to acquiring the support you need long after you leave. Our founders believe that without a firm Aftercare plan in place, the healing and learning that takes place inside our stone gates is not nearly as effective. Living in sobriety in a rehabilitation center is not easy, but it is easier than maintaining a sober lifestyle outside of rehab when temptation is everywhere. Our Aftercare program sets us apart from other rehabilitation programs because we stay with our clients as they walk their individual paths to recovery. Our Recovery Support Team is committed to helping each and every one of our clients sustain lifelong abstinence.

Family Support

Family support is an essential component of aftercare, yet many family members who are unfamiliar with the nature of addiction struggle to support their loved ones during recovery. At Clarity Way, we make sure family are involved in the aftercare process and have the correct tools for supporting the goals of recovery. Overcoming addiction is one of the most difficult challenges one can face – even the best inpatient programs can only do so much to prepare a client for the stresses of the outside world. When these occur, it is the family that provides a crucial support system.

Staying in Touch with Clarity Way

After completing the Clarity Way inpatient program, you may wish to stay in touch with others who have been through – or are currently going through – the same experience. For that reason, we hold yearly get-togethers as well as “tune-up” weeks and weekends that keep you connected to the Clarity Way community.

Find Your Path to Recovery at Our Luxury Rehab Center

If you or someone you love needs help fighting a substance abuse problem, our luxury rehab center is here to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We begin each program with medically monitored detox, strengthen our clients' minds and bodies with today's most progressive medical and holistic treatment modalities, and continue to be an active participant in sobriety with our comprehensive Aftercare program. At our luxury rehab center, you can find your path to recovery — call us for more information at 1-877-628-1489.

A WORD FROM OUR CLIENTS Hear more about how we've enabled our clients to move forward from addiction towards the path of recovery.

“When you go to treatment, you expect that most of what you're told is exaggerated. You expect the facility to be nice, but not quite how the center describes it - in this point, I was mistaken, it actually exceeded my expectations. You expect the therapy to be good, but not spot on with addressing your needs - in this point, I was again mistaken, as it also exceeded my expectations. Clarity Way has been an excellent experience for me and for my family - the individual time was key for my recovery and to assist my family so that we could move forward together. I can't speak highly enough of the therapy team, the medical staff and the support staff. Across the board, everyone was wonderful and motivating in the ways that were appropriate for me.”

Trevor J.

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