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Relapse Prevention

Alcohol and Drug Relapse Prevention at Our Luxury Rehab Center

Beating an addiction to alcohol or drugs is a tremendous accomplishment that takes continual effort. Although the first few weeks of abstinence are undoubtedly difficult for the newly sober, maintaining that commitment after residential care ends can be an even greater challenge. At our luxury rehab center, our drug and alcohol relapse prevention program sets us apart as the premier residential substance abuse treatment center in the field.

Relapse Prevention Training

Our luxury rehab center provides holistic substance abuse recovery services custom-designed for each and every one of our clients. During inpatient care, in addition to therapy, our clients learn the relapse prevention tools they will need to put into practice in the world outside residential care. Our Recovery Support Team develops an individualized treatment plan for each client so that we continue to be a major contributor to life-lasting recovery. Our Aftercare programs focus on extended care that incorporate clients existing support systems as well as continued outreach by our caring, qualified staff. This assists them with their continuing commitment to maintain sobriety for the rest of their lives.

In the weeks and months following residential treatment, the substance abuse relapse prevention plan includes regular calls with our therapists and Aftercare Coordinator, two of which are therapy sessions. Our luxury rehab center also hosts regular “tune-up” weekends that help clients reengage with sober and productive lifestyles. During these sessions, clients can share their success stories as well as the struggles they face every day. Our luxury rehab center also uses social media as a way for clients to stay in touch with one another, thus offering a virtual support system unique to their specific needs.

Keeping Family Involved

The founders of Clarity Way, Justin and Robin Daniels, understand how important keeping supportive family members close during recovery is. While Justin was recovering from his addiction to alcohol and drugs, he relied on love and support from Robin, who helps him maintain his commitment to sobriety to this day. The Family Therapy program at our luxury rehab center helps our clients regain trust and better communicate with those who care for them the most; loved ones learn how to heal the damage caused by addiction as well as how to empower their loved ones to make better choices. Family members who participate actively in our substance abuse relapse prevention plan are well positioned to assist their loved ones walk the path to recovery.

Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention

Our relapse prevention plans incorporate awareness of the triggers, habits, and reactions that result in addictive behavior. Recognizing these patterns of behavior - and the range of options that follow - help clients make better choices in the face of temptation, helping them stay sober in the world outside inpatient care.

Filling the Gap Left by Drugs and Alcohol

In alcohol or drug rehab, relapse prevention requires both avoiding addictions and learning how to appreciate sober living. In our 15 acre facility set in the rolling hills of south central Pennsylvania, clients are encouraged to re-engage with activities they enjoyed while sober – whether it is art, music, sports, or anything else. Our facility is equipped with a fully functional music studio, and we have staff members who specialize in Art Therapy and other holistic practices.

Your Recovery, Your Way

Just as no two of our clients are the same, at Clarity Way we don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions for addiction rehab. Alcohol and drug relapse prevention is a complex topic that demands an empathetic treatment approach. With a favorable client to staff ratio – we admit no more than 17 clients at a time – Clarity Way has the resources to give you or your loved one the individual attention necessary to prevent relapse. In a minimum of 10-15 individual sessions per week, our clients gain the skills they need to remain sober long after inpatient treatment has ended.

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“My life has been thoroughly changed as a result of my stay at Clarity Way. I am there for my kids, my husband, my work and most of all, for myself. I am successful and I am sober and without the combination of individual therapy and the fitness and massage, which were much-needed, I truly do not believe I would be. I'm living again - the good days and the bad moments - to the fullest. I didn't realize just how asleep I was until I woke up - thank you Clarity Way, for being my alarm clock.”

Marcia L.

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