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Luxury Rehab Fitness Center

Physical fitness, when made an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, imparts a diverse range of benefits. Biking, swimming, lifting weights, playing tennis, and other physical activities make people stronger, and when combined with proper nutrition, leaner. What many individuals do not know is that physical fitness also boosts mood, reduces feelings of anxiety, improves focus, and sustains energetic feelings. This is why the our luxury rehab focuses on exercise as an important part of a life-lasting recovery from substance abuse.

An Alcohol and Drug Rehab with a Gym

Our Fitness Trainers have witnessed firsthand the effects that regular exercise has on our clients. Our fully equipped Fitness Center includes weights, a spin bike, yoga and Pilates studios, a heated swimming pool, full size basketball and tennis courts, hiking trails, access to canoes, and more. In addition, you will work with a personal trainer during a supervised exercise program that we will custom design for your specific needs. During rehab, you will stay focused on exercise as well as healing your mind and your spirit with the progressive treatment modalities we offer - helping you reach both your recovery and overall wellness goals.

The Psychological Benefits of Exercise

Regular exercise helps people relax and open up, according to members of the American Psychological Association. Not only can it alleviate short term anxiety, but when practiced regularly it helps manage the effects of long term depression. One study, reported in Psychosomatic Medicine, found that people with major depressive disorder who exercised were just as likely to enjoy relief from depressive symptoms as those who took antidepressants. Perhaps more importantly, the same study found that people who exercised were less likely to suffer a depressive relapse.

Holistic Care

Although exercising regularly at our luxury rehab with a gym will not cure addictive tendencies, the implication is that people who make exercise a regular part of a healthy lifestyle may be less likely to relapse into self-destructive behaviors. The holistic, whole-self approach our qualified and compassionate staff takes helps our clients heal their minds, their spirits, and their bodies. Active participation in a regular exercise program, whether hiking our scenic trails, canoeing our tranquil lake, or playing one-on-one basketball, helps our clients achieve each of these goals. In fact, many clients leave our luxury rehab center telling us they feel better than they have felt in years.

Luxury Rehab: Focused on Exercise, Focused on You

Our drug and alcohol rehab with a gym can help you gain the benefits of exercise. Although it can take several months before the visual changes are mentally apparent, exercise offers “near-instant gratification,” according to the APA. When combined with a holistic treatment plan that includes today's most progressive therapies, exercise can help you stay on the path to recovery. Call our luxury rehab center at 1-877-628-1489 to learn more today.

A WORD FROM OUR CLIENTS Hear more about how we've enabled our clients to move forward from addiction towards the path of recovery.

“Thank you so very much for thinking about our daughter as she turns the one year milestone of sobriety. This week our entire extended family will attend a support group meeting recognizing her achievement. It's a happy time for all of us and I credit Clarity Way for giving her the tools to deal with the devil of substance abuse.”

John R.

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