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The Cottage

The Cottage at Clarity Way

The Cottage at Clarity Way is the most luxurious alcohol and drug rehab in the field. Our ultra-exclusive facility features 24-hour medical care, a private fitness center, made-to-order gourmet meals, and private bedrooms and bathrooms. If you or someone you love is a high profile individual seeking the most luxurious drug and alcohol rehab program in the country, contact The Cottage at Clarity Way.

A Luxurious Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

The Cottage at Clarity Way only accepts up to 6 clients at one time. This exceptional facility, located on the same serene grounds as our luxury rehab center, offers the utmost in private, exclusive care. It is the ideal choice for executives and other high profile individuals for whom recovering from alcohol and/or drug abuse in security is a top priority. At The Cottage at Clarity Way, your complete confidentiality will be maintained at all times.

The experienced, qualified staff at The Cottage at Clarity Way also understands that stepping away completely from a hectic lifestyle is not always possible. That is why we provide access to wireless Internet, cell phones, and laptop computers at The Cottage at Clarity Way. Clients are encouraged to bring their own technologies to rehab.

At The Cottage at Clarity Way, We Focus on You

The Cottage at Clarity Way

Our luxurious alcohol and drug rehab program is completely individualized to suit your specific needs. Following detox, our compassionate staff develops a customized program that will include a minimum of 17 individual sessions per week of the most progressive therapies in addiction science today. These therapies will include groundbreaking treatments such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neurobiofeedback, Psychodrama, and more. In addition, clients of The Cottage at Clarity Way will also receive multiple weekly Massage Therapy and one-on-one Fitness Training sessions. Physically and psychologically, we want our clients to feel healthier than they have felt in years.

The Program

The Cottage at Clarity Way offers specialized treatment programs, including:

  • Individual-specific, highly intensive therapeutic programs
  • 6 private bedrooms, each featuring a private, large en-suite bath
  • Five 90 minute private clinical therapy sessions each week
  • 25+ hours a week of mini-group activities such as: Art and Music Therapies, Addiction Education, and more
  • Five private fitness training sessions each week
  • A minimum of 5 private neurobiofeedback sessions each week
  • Two 90 minute massages each week
  • Access to Clarity Way’s 24-hour medical/nursing staff
  • Private session with Clarity Way’s Medical Director, Dr. Robert Matylewicz, each week

The Clarity Way Facility

The Cottage at Clarity Way is located on the main campus of Clarity Way, a secluded and tranquil 15-acre property in the rolling hills of South Central Pennsylvania. The Clarity Way facility is a luxury drug and alcohol rehab in its own right, and features a gourmet kitchen, made-to-order meals, a salon and spa, Music Therapy and Art Therapy studios, and more. Clients of The Cottage at Clarity Way will have full access to the Clarity Way facility during the entirety of their stay.

Luxurious Amenities

Additional amenities for Clarity Way’s treatment program at The Cottage include:

  • A private fitness center exclusively for clients of The Cottage
  • A fully-equipped business center
  • Access to infra-red saunas
  • A swimming pool
  • Tennis courts
  • A basketball court
  • Scenic walking trails in the rolling hills of South Central PA
  • Pilates and Yoga Sessions
  • A spa including massage rooms and hair salon
  • An art studio
  • A fully-equipped music studio designed by Blind Melon member, Christopher Thorn

The Cottage is a Private Facility Featuring Six Private Rooms

Clarity Way doesn’t want you to sacrifice your standard of living while in rehab. That’s why Clarity Way’s exclusive six-bedroom Cottage features large, elegant rooms with private baths. This smaller drug and alcohol rehab center offers a low-profile environment so wealthy businesspeople, CEOS and executives, and high profile clients can have a private treatment experience. The Cottage also accommodates clients with a dual diagnosis, so you can receive individualized care for a mental health disorder alongside your drug or alcohol treatment program.

Keep Your Business On Track from The Cottage

Our exclusive treatment program at The Cottage allows you to continue contact with your business or company during your time at Clarity Way. Clients at The Cottage have the option to work from their personal laptops within the privacy of their bedrooms, or work from The Cottage’s Business Center to access fax machines or hold a video conference.

Individualized Aftercare Plans

Clarity Way works with all of our clients to develop individual-specific aftercare programs. When you leave The Cottage, the staff at Clarity Way continues to be a support to help you continue on your lifelong journey to recovery. A member of our dedicated staff will work alongside you to create a custom plan that will support your continued sobriety. Your aftercare plan will be tailored to your unique family and working environments, with our clients’ confidentiality being of the utmost importance.

Our founders, Justin and Robin Daniels, want to provide a luxurious recovery experience in a small, community-oriented environment to each and every Clarity Way client. We have helped people just like you achieve and sustain a lifelong commitment to sobriety, and we continue to stay a part of our clients' lives with a comprehensive Aftercare program that assures our ongoing involvement. Call us now at 1-877-628-1489 and find your path to recovery at The Cottage at Clarity Way.

A WORD FROM OUR CLIENTS Hear more about how we've enabled our clients to move forward from addiction towards the path of recovery.

“I never thought I could be sober and I never knew what was wrong with me and why I had the problems that I did, but I learned through my stay at Clarity Way that I could find recovery. I learned that there is nothing wrong with me, but that I have an addiction, and I learned how to deal with it. I didn't know I could be sober, but Clarity Way showed me that it's possible, even for me, and I remain sober today.”

John D., Texas

For 24 hour help or information: 1-877-628-1489Your call is completely confidential.