Luxury Rehab Center


Luxury Alcohol and Drug Detox at Our Luxury Rehab Center

Many people with substance abuse issues avoid seeking treatment because they are afraid of what will happen during and after detox. At our luxury rehab center, we understand that providing medically monitored detoxification services helps our clients adjust more easily to a newly sober lifestyle. Since our luxury detox center focuses on the individual and features a qualified and compassionate medical staff, we can tailor every client's early recovery to his or her own specific needs. After the detoxification process has ended, we recommend inpatient treatment at our fully-equipped luxury rehab center where we provide you with the tools necessary to sustain lifelong sobriety.

Luxury Alcohol Detox

The early days of alcohol abstinence can be dangerous for the chronic heavy drinker. Late stage alcoholics should not attempt recovery alone; medical assistance is absolutely necessary. Our luxury alcohol detox center is staffed by licensed caregivers who carefully monitor every client's physical and psychological condition as recovery progresses. Our luxury rehab center only accepts up to 6 detox clients at one time, assuring the utmost personal and private attention as well as safety.

Luxury Drug Detox

Drug withdrawal symptoms depend largely on the type of drug abused. Individuals struggling with addiction to opiates or synthetic painkillers, for example, frequently suffer from pain and severe flu-like symptoms during withdrawal. Other drugs, such as cocaine, produce depression. Other drugs cause mental health problems such as schizophrenia. This means our luxury drug detox center staff needs to be ready to handle a diverse range of symptoms and issues, and we can assure you they are more than qualified to address any and all issues that may arise promptly. Just as with our alcohol detox program, our drug detox program only accepts a limited number of clients, thus providing the utmost in personal, compassionate care.

The Cottage at Clarity Way

Clarity Way is proud of its reputation for providing each and every client with the field's most innovative care in a private, luxurious environment. Nevertheless, certain clients - such as executives, entertainers, and other high profile individuals - require the privacy and luxury provided by an ultra-exclusive facility. For these clients, The Cottage at Clarity Way provides several important benefits.

Clients of The Cottage enjoy an even greater number of individual weekly sessions, including Massage Therapy. The Cottage contains only 6 beds, making privacy - and a small number of intrusions - the norm. Clients of The Cottage also have full access to our business center in addition to house-wide wireless Internet, making keeping in touch with those who matter most much less complicated.

Call our luxury rehab center for Emergency Detox Help at 1-877-628-1489

At our luxury rehab center, we can help you begin the treatment you need in a compassionate, luxurious environment. Our detox and rehabilitation facility is located on 15 acres in South Central Pennsylvania's rolling hills. With amenities such as gourmet meals, private and semi-private rooms, incredible fitness facilities, and more, our luxury rehab center is the perfect place to recover from the effects of addiction and hit the “reset” button on your life.

You do not have to suffer through detox alone. Find your path to a life-lasting recovery by calling our luxury rehab center now at 1-877-628-1489.

A WORD FROM OUR CLIENTS Hear more about how we've enabled our clients to move forward from addiction towards the path of recovery.

“When we sent our son to treatment, we still didn't know exactly what to expect from the entire process. Through our experience with Clarity Way, we learned how much more there is to being 'in recovery' than simply going through a 30-day rehab program. Clarity Way helped prepare our son for what life would be like after treatment, the struggles he would face and helped give him the tools to work through the future issues that would naturally arise. They also worked with him to create an aftercare plan that had clear, firm goals in place to work toward after leaving he program. I think that having this plan in place helped him tremendously, especially in his early days after treatment. I'm so proud to say that our son is still sober today, followed through with all of his post-treatment plans and finally understands for himself what living life 'in recovery' is truly about.”


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