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Get Help for a Family Member

At our luxury rehab center, we help families struggling to cope with the effects of addiction every day. As the leading residential rehab center in the United States, our Recovery Support Team understands that close family involvement makes all the difference when it comes to building and sustaining a life-lasting sobriety

From helping you arrange an intervention to working with you and your family members on a supportive Aftercare plan, our luxury rehab center will be there for your family every step of the way.

Seeking help for a family member suffering from drug or alcohol addiction is a great kindness to them. In many cases, an addicted individual may refuse to believe that getting help is necessary. This happens because addiction negatively affects how the brain processes decision-making skills, memory, and reward. Even when the signs of addiction are obvious to everyone around your loved one, the choice to quit using may not be clear. In our experience, the help and support of family members has been proven to be one of the most important factors in completing a successful course of treatment.

Our Rehab Center is Here for Your Family

When a family member begins to get help for his or her addiction, you may have a number of questions about their treatment and about how to best support them, both while he or she is a client and during aftercare. At Clarity Way, we are happy to involve family members of our clients throughout the recovery process. A strong network of support is an important part of our holistic approach to rehabilitation – your involvement greatly enhances the effectiveness of the treatment therapies your family member will receive while staying at our facilities.

Support Your Family Member by Helping Yourself

Families of individuals struggling with addiction are often focused on starting the recovery process and encouraging their loved one to seek treatment. At Clarity Way, we acknowledge the bravery and inner strength of family members affected by addiction. During inpatient treatment, we encourage family members to also take care of themselves, and we can recommend support groups and other treatment options in your area. You can be the best support when you yourself are healthy, well-rested, and relieved of some of the stress that comes with living with addiction.

True Care That Speaks to Client Needs

As no two clients are the same, we do not adhere to one-size-fits-all treatment plans. Rather, we customize our programming to address clients’ underlying issues and the contributing factors that lead to substance abuse. Treatment programs at Clarity Way emphasize the individual and encourage clients to participate in guiding their own recovery needs. This creates a sense of ownership and responsibility, so your family member can truly lead the way to their sobriety.

Our luxury rehab center provides an evidence-based, scientific approach to recovery. We incorporate a diverse range of treatment modalities. These modalities include a safe and thorough detox, treatment for any underlying mental health disorders, behavioral therapies, and psychotherapy. We also incorporate Music Therapy, life skills training, and more. Our custom-tailored recovery plans can address the full spectrum of your rehabilitation needs.

Caring and Emphatic Staff That Puts Your Loved Ones First

Clarity Way’s licensed staff includes seven full-time therapists, on-call physicians, a psychiatrist, and 24-hour nursing care. Our staff will tailor treatment to your family member’s needs and will support his or her unique strengths. With a high staff-to-client ratio, our facility maximizes individual care. Every client at Clarity Way participates in 10-15 individualized sessions per week. These sessions include addictions and psychiatric counseling, as well as non-traditional modalities such as Art Therapy, Neurobiofeedback Therapy, and fitness training.

A Peaceful Setting for Promoting Recovery

Located on 15 acres in south central Pennsylvania, Clarity Way’s facilities include a fully equipped fitness center, gourmet kitchen, and a state-of-the-art music recording studio. We aim to give our clients the comfort they need to address their addictions head on, in a stress-free setting.

Please contact us online or at 1-877-628-1489 today to discuss a tailored treatment plan for your loved one.

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“Thank you for having faith that I could overcome addiction. I am looking forward to my alcohol-free life back at home.”


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