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Help for Grandparent

Getting Help for Your Grandparent

As people age, they inevitably need to take more medications and face more serious health issues. This is particularly difficult when a family member is dealing with a substance abuse issue at the same time. Forgetting to take legitimate medications – or self-medicating with drugs or alcohol – can have severe consequences for aging adults.

Treatment Options for Elderly Individuals Struggling with Addiction

Researchers at The University of Pennsylvania have demonstrated that older adults respond just as well to treatment as younger ones do. In practice, this means it is never too late for your grandparent to find his or her path to recovery. Clarity Way offers hope for a future free from addiction. Through our holistic inpatient treatment program, we empower older adults with the skills and tools they need to live a long, productive, drug and alcohol-free life.

Tailored Programming to Fit the Needs of Your Grandparent

Older individuals who struggle from a drug or alcohol addiction are often worried doctors will not take them seriously or will stigmatize them. During your loved one’s stay with us, he/she will receive personalized, focused treatment with a minimum of 10-15 individual sessions weekly. Your grandparent is assured a caring and empathetic experience from our highly-trained staff.

Our high staff-to-client ratio and 24-hour nursing care lets clients receive individual therapeutic attention, with customized programs to support your loved one’s specific goals and plans for the future. Treatment programs can be customized to reflect the needs of aging clients – Art and Music Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, as well as a host of visual and kinesthetic techniques are available to promote your grandparent’s physical, emotional, and mental health.

Our Facility

Located in the rolling hills of south central Pennsylvania, the Clarity Way facilities include 15 scenic acres where your loved one can pursue his or her recovery in privacy. Amenities include laundry facilities, turndown service, pool and sauna facilities, and a gourmet kitchen that can create custom meals to address you grandparent’s dietary needs. By providing your grandfather or grandmother with an environment where his or her needs are addressed, we allow him/her to focus energies on the introspection and emotional work required for a successful recovery.

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Coming Home

Part of your grandparent’s treatment will involve developing a plan for continued sobriety once he or she leaves our facilities. We offer a number of methods that enable clients to maintain communication with our team – these can include follow-up phone calls, additional work with an outpatient or family counselor, and more. We will continue to work with your loved one to develop the skills needed to re-engage in life with a newfound excitement about his/her sober journey.

Clarity Way is committed to ensuring our clients’ future of health and freedom from addiction. Take the first step now by contacting our intake specialists at 1-877-628-1489.

A WORD FROM OUR CLIENTS Hear more about how we've enabled our clients to move forward from addiction towards the path of recovery.

“I was worried when I went to treatment - worried about what my room would be like, whether the food would be good and whether the pool would be clean. Once I got to treatment, I realized that “my worries” were ways of avoiding the things I actually needed to deal with. The treatment team helped me to understand and start addressing this and I began focusing on all the right things, the things I had ...”

Jenna K

For 24 hour help or information: 1-877-628-1489Your call is completely confidential.