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Holistic Addiction Treatment at Our Rehab Center

The holistic treatment addiction program at our rehab center provides not only a physical recovery from drug and/or alcohol abuse, but it also offers a path to a well balanced, fulfilling lifestyle through psychological and spiritual healing. The treatment modalities we use employ a range of today's most progressive mental health therapies in addition to skills-focused training, fitness and nutrition education, and comprehensive aftercare planning that addresses the specific needs of each of our clients. Explore our holistic approach to drug and alcohol treatment, and find your path to a life-lasting recovery at our luxury rehab center.

A Client-Focused, Luxury Holistic Rehab Center

Study after study demonstrates the strong link between exercise, sound nutrition habits, high quality relationships, and hobbies with happiness, sobriety, and better overall well being. Although quitting a lifestyle fueled by alcohol and/or drugs is an incredibly positive first step, sustaining that sobriety is easier when there are fulfilling people, activities, and work to fill the void created by addiction. At our luxury rehab center, we specialize in helping our clients rediscover and reengage with their formerly productive selves by healing the bodies, minds, and spirits ravaged by addiction.

Our holistic drug and alcohol rehab focuses on creating personalized plans for every client's individual recovery process. The staff at our luxury rehab center understands that every individual walks a unique path to recovery, and that is why the rehabilitation plans we provide often differ for each client and include a minimum of 10-15 individual sessions per week. Our premier facility includes a gourmet kitchen and nutrition education so our clients learn what foods will aid in their individual recoveries; they exercise one-on-one with our personal trainer for better overall health and well being; they participate in today's most progressive mental health modalities, such as Motivational Interviewing Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; they learn to express themselves productively through Music Therapy, Art Therapy, and Family Therapy. Our facility also treats clients who suffer from dual diagnosis.

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A Community-Oriented Environment

For many people addicted to alcohol and/or drugs, getting sober in a large treatment center is terrifying. A smaller rehabilitation center, such as Clarity Way, can help alleviate the fears associated with substance abuse treatment because of the community-oriented environment we foster. Our holistic rehab facility is located in a serene, secluded setting among the rolling hills of South Central PA. We also keep our clients' families involved throughout the entire process, from detox to aftercare, because we know this support system is essential to sustaining sobriety in the world outside rehab.

Our facility is staffed by a caring and empathetic team of a highly qualified holistic drug and alcohol rehab specialists who are dedicated to your recovery. While our holistic treatment programs are conducted on an individual basis, we offer a community-oriented environment that can benefit you well after you leave our facility.

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The fact is, when it comes to getting sober, people who get professional help often achieve better outcomes than those who try to quit alone. You do not have to manage on your own any longer - at our rehab center, our holistic recovery plan can help you heal your mind, your body, and your spirit. All you have to do is ask for help.

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“The program at Clarity Way changed my life forever. I'll never forget the impact you had on my life two years ago.”


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