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Luxury Drug Rehab

Addiction Recovery at Our Luxury Drug Rehab Center

Our luxury rehab center provides holistic, progressive care to people suffering from drug and/or alcohol abuse in a private, exclusive setting. Our luxury drug rehab facility features medically monitored detoxification at our luxury detox center, the latest in cutting-edge therapeutic care, a small community of unparalleled comfort, and a supportive Aftercare program that keeps us a part of our clients lives long after residential care ends.

Our Luxury Rehab Program

When it comes to recovering from drug abuse, people who enroll in professional treatment programs frequently achieve more satisfying outcomes than those who try to go it alone. People who are addicted to drugs must endure challenging withdrawal symptoms that may include severe illness, depression, anxiety, and cravings. Without professional help, addicts risk relapsing into self-destructive behaviors that can result in death.

The good news is that avoiding or mitigating these uncomfortable symptoms is possible at our luxury drug rehab's medically assisted withdrawal program. Clients spend their first few sober days recuperating under the careful attention of our qualified staff, who assesses each client for potential untreated mental health conditions and other problems. We then design individualized treatment plans that include 10-15 one-on-one sessions per week and today's most progressive therapies. These therapies include Neurobiofeedback, Life Skills coaching, Family Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Art Therapy, Music Therapy, and more.

Get Better Faster with Individualized Attention

Enrollment at Clarity Way is limited to no more than 17 clients at a time. This gives our staff the proper resources to develop a specific treatment plan for you. Clients at our drug treatment center participate in a minimum of 10-15 individualized sessions a week. These sessions are tailored to the treatment needs of each client and include everything from yoga and massage therapy to psychological counseling.

Recovery Your Way

From prescription pills to cocaine and opiates, every addiction is different, as is every addict. At Clarity Way, we do not believe you can put a timeline on recovery. Addressing the many emotional, social, and mental factors that cause addiction takes time. Some of our clients stay with us for no more than 14 days. For others, the process is longer. However long it takes, our drug addiction treatment programs are flexible enough to adapt to the changing needs of our clients.

Our Luxury Rehab Facility

Our small, community-oriented environment makes becoming comfortable at our luxury drug rehabilitation facility easier. We only accept up to 6 detox and 17 rehab clients at one time, assuring a level of care unmatched anywhere else. Our luxury rehab center is located on 15 quiet and private acres in the rolling hills of South Central Pennsylvania, a perfect place to get away from it all and focus on healing. With private bedrooms, private bathrooms, incredibly luxurious amenities, and a caring staff, all you need to worry about is your recovery.

Our luxury drug rehab center features fully equipped fitness facilities, full-sized basketball and tennis courts, a state of the art recording studio, a heated swimming pool, and a gourmet kitchen. You can stroll our grounds and relax with loved ones as you practice the skills you learned in therapy - and resolve the issues that contributed to your substance abuse problem. In fact, many of our clients leave our luxury rehab center feeling better about themselves and their families than they have in years.

Sustaining Sobriety

Due to the fact that relapse is a particularly challenging issue for people who have a drug abuse problem, our luxury rehab center designs a customized post-treatment recovery plan that helps our clients maintain a lifelong commitment to abstinence. With follow up treatment sessions, phone calls, weekend visits, and more, our therapists stay a part of our clients lives because we want to see them succeed at sobriety.

You do not have to suffer alone anymore. Call our luxury rehab center at 1-877-628-1489, and find your path to recovery beginning today.

A WORD FROM OUR CLIENTS Hear more about how we've enabled our clients to move forward from addiction towards the path of recovery.

“My family gave up on me wholly and closed me out of their lives. Clarity Way was their absolute last effort, and I was totally against it at first. Through working with the therapists on staff, and with everyone else at the facility, I was able to open up and deal with some very deep-set issues. I also was able to reconnect with my family, and am better for it. We're all more healthy and balanced since I've been to CW, and I am thankful ever day for the opportunity that I had to experience such an amazing facility and recovery philosophy.”

Becky G., Connecticut

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