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Alcohol and Drug Rehab with Art Therapy

Art Therapy is an essential component of the holistic recovery from substance abuse we provide at our luxury rehab center. Although traditional psychotherapies - such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing Therapy - are effective at uncovering the underlying reasons why our clients abused drugs and alcohol in the past, Art Therapy helps clients reduce stress, gain greater self-awareness, and communicate with one another. The American Art Therapy Associated states that Art Therapy helps individuals improve their overall wellbeing, and we are proud to incorporate this proven technique in the holistic recovery program at our luxury rehab center.

A History of Expression

Many clients at our luxury rehab center have a difficult time expressing themselves verbally. For decades, mental health physicians have recognized the healing powers of art, as people who suffered from a mental health condition used drawing and other art forms to communicate with others. Today, the Art Therapist at our luxury rehab center uses this important technique to assess and treat our clients, who are suffering from severe stress and possibly other mental health conditions.

How Art Therapy Works

At our luxury rehab center, our clients express themselves nonverbally through media such as painting, drawing, collage, and sculpture. Unlike traditional art classes - where one might be asked to interpret a bowl of fruit or a figure - in Art Therapy, our luxury rehab center clients create from their own inner experiences. Clarity and healing come from both the process of creation as well as understanding the creation itself; as a result, all clients participate in Art Therapy. Skill, talent, and experience in art is not necessary to gain benefits from Art Therapy, and our therapist helps each client from becoming frustrated or intimidated. When residential care is complete, each client receives a portfolio that contains the pieces created during inpatient therapy.

The Art Studio at Our Luxury Rehab Center

The Art Therapy studio at our alcohol and drug rehab is fully equipped to help our clients overcome their addictions. Many clients discover that although they have little to no experience expressing themselves through an artistic medium, through art they are able to fill a void left by alcohol and/or substance abuse. At our luxury rehab center, the art studio is a peaceful place to express one's deepest thoughts and desires in a nonverbal way - whether through jewelry making, clay modeling, sketching, or three-dimensional artwork, there is something for every client to enjoy.

Learning Sober Life Skills Through Art

An important part of the holistic approach to recovery practiced at Clarity Way involves finding activities to replace the void left by drugs and alcohol. This can involve learning new hobbies or re-engaging with activities that have been left behind. For many, Arts Therapy is essential to this – not only is it useful as a therapeutic practice, it gives our clients a creative outlet they can continue to practice long after leaving Clarity Way.

Express Yourself with Arts Therapy

Whether you are a professional artist looking to continue your career while in recovery, or you simply have an interest in learning a new hobby, Art Therapy at Clarity Way allows you to remain creative while learning essential skills for sober living. For more information, contact Clarity Way today.

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“My family gave up on me wholly and closed me out of their lives. Clarity Way was their absolute last effort, and I was totally against it at first. Through working with the therapists on staff, and with everyone else at the facility, I was able to open up and deal with some very deep-set issues. I also was able to reconnect with my family, and am better for it. We're all more healthy and balanced since I've been to CW, and I am thankful ever day for the opportunity that I had to experience such an amazing facility and recovery philosophy.”

Becky G., Connecticut

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