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Blood Chemistry

Blood Chemistry Testing at Our Luxury Rehab Center

As the leading drug and alcohol treatment center on the east coast, we provide comprehensive treatment in a safe and supportive environment. We pledge to provide people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction with top quality medical care and the latest in progressive, holistic treatment modalities.

These treatment modalities include powerful psychotherapies as well as physical treatments that address the full spectrum of health issues associated with addiction. Among these physical treatments is blood chemistry testing, which is a tool our expert staff relies on to provide effective, time-tested care.

What is Blood Chemistry Testing?

Blood chemistry testing, known in the field as a chemistry screen, reveals certain physical indicators of overall health by measuring chemicals in the blood. Blood chemistry screens evaluate overall health, provide important feedback on the efficacy of medical treatments, and test for a variety of problems. There is a diverse array of blood chemistry screens; they often test for glucose, nitrogen, uric acid, cholesterol, and other common compounds. It can be done as part of a routine physical exam, before surgery, and as part of a planning regimen that may include future dietary or lifestyle changes. Sometimes, fasting is required beforehand, and certain medications can affect a test's outcome. As a result, temporarily ceasing medicine may be required as well.

Lifestyle Changes

A person who has become addicted to alcohol and/or drugs has also frequently neglected overall health. Nutrition and physical fitness are two areas that suffer as a result of chronic substance abuse; at our luxury rehab center, our holistic recovery program addresses these needs as well as the psychological recovery that must take place in order for a life-lasting commitment to abstinence to take hold. A blood chemistry test can reveal whether dietary changes are necessary — for example, if cholesterol is high or if the risk of diabetes is present. Then, with results in hand, our Recovery Support Team can develop a custom-tailored regimen that will address thorough, holistic healing.

Our Luxurious Amenities

Our progressive treatment modalities include Fitness Training in our fully equipped facilities and Nutrition education. The rehab facility includes a gourmet kitchen that is open for 24-hour use by our clients; we also provide cooking classes, offer trips to local health markets, and teach Nutrition education seminars that help our clients live healthier lifestyles. Meals are made-to-order and take into account each client's dietary needs and preferences. Our executive chef utilizes the freshest in-season ingredients from local, organically-farmed sources. Clarity Way is also building a garden and greenhouse in an effort to encourage better health, improved wellness, and sustainability.

A Commitment to Lifelong Abstinence

The staff at our luxury rehab center believes that sustaining a commitment to lifelong abstinence is best accomplished when overall wellness — instead of only a physical recovery — is the primary goal. Our expert therapists provide progressive therapeutic care in a small, community-oriented environment that only accepts up to 6 detox and 17 rehabilitation clients at one time. We help people get and stay sober every day; in fact, many clients leave our luxury rehab center feeling better than they have felt in years.

Our Recovery Support Team helps people like you heal from the damaging effects of substance abuse every day. When you are ready to find your path to freedom, we are here to help. For more information about blood chemistry testing or to learn more about our alternative substance abuse recovery program, call our luxury rehab center now at 1-877-628-1489.

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