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Individualized Treatment

Individualized Alcohol and Drug Rehab at Our Luxury Rehab Center

At our luxury rehab center, our expert therapists understand that everyone who is addicted to alcohol and/or drugs walks a unique path to recovery. The CEO who works 80-hour weeks has different needs than the full-time musician or stay-at-home mom. Our individualized alcohol and drug rehab program takes into account different lifestyle dynamics to develop a comprehensive, customized care plan that addresses the specific needs of each client. From 14-day stays that reaffirm a commitment to sobriety to 90-day stays that address a family in crisis, our luxury rehab center can help.

Holistic Care in a World-Class Recovery Center

Our luxury rehab center is proud of its reputation for providing individuals addicted to alcohol and/or drugs with an exceptional standard of world class, holistic care. We focus on treating every aspect of the individual, from physical to emotional to spiritual. Following medically managed detox, our compassionate and qualified staff custom-designs a therapy regimen that addresses each of these needs. How? First, we figure out why substance abuse became a problem. Next, we teach our clients how to avoid the negative thought patterns that often precede abuse. Then, we help our clients reengage with healthy, feel-good activities, such as Massage Therapy and cooking classes. Finally, we develop an individualized Aftercare plan that manages our clients' lifestyle concerns.

Our therapies include;

  • Medically managed detox - We enroll up to 6 clients at one time in our detox center and provide round-the-clock care to ensure improved safety and comfort. Medically managed detox can ease your transition to sobriety. It will help you feel less overwhelmed by the physical health challenges of withdrawal.
  • Dual diagnosis assessment and treatment - Our Recovery Support Team is well-qualified to address the full spectrum of mental health disorders that commonly occur alongside addiction. If you have an undiagnosed or untreated condition such as depression or anxiety, we can help.
  • Behavioral therapy - Through treatments such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, you can recognize the triggers that lead to using. You can practice effective avoidance and coping strategies.
  • Psychotherapy - Many clients at our luxury rehab center have never dealt with past issues relating to a personal trauma or abuse. Psychotherapy can help you heal from these issues, safely and productively.
  • Life skills training - For many addicted individuals, tasks such as cooking or interviewing for a job are overwhelming. Our Recovery Support Team can help you practice these important daily skills to make the transition to "real life" more manageable.
  • Music and Art Therapy - Expressing emotions through music and art is incredibly satisfying and soothing. No experience is necessary to benefit from these programs.
  • Physical treatments - Fitness training, Massage Therapy, the sauna, and more are just a few of the ways you can regain your physical strength.


Once treatment ends, Aftercare begins. Our individualized Aftercare plans can help you manage your lifestyle concerns, and avoid relapse.

This client-centered treatment means that our luxury rehab center will never use a cookie cutter approach to sobriety. Your path to sobriety will be customized for your unique situation. During your stay, our staff will also continually update our care plan to match your changing needs. Should you decide to extend your stay, you are always welcome to do so. In fact, those who choose 60- or 90-day residential plans frequently gain better outcomes than those who opt for shorter stays. Should a tune-up be required, or if you would simply like to recommit to your sobriety, shorter 14- and 30-day stays are available as well.

Learn More About Your Therapy Options Today

Our luxury rehab center can develop a customized, comprehensive therapy plan that can address your most important health and wellness needs.Medically managed detox helps clients feel comfortable during early withdrawal.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help you determine the causes and emotional triggers that lead to substance abuse. Life skills coaching, Fitness Training, Nutrition education, Massage Therapy, Neurobiofeedback, and other important treatments help you feel relaxed and more satisfied. Aftercare assures our continued involvement in your ongoing commitment to sobriety.

At our luxury rehab center, we put the focus on you. You do not have to suffer alone — call us now at 1-877-628-1489 and find out how we can help you find your unique path to recovery today.

A WORD FROM OUR CLIENTS Hear more about how we've enabled our clients to move forward from addiction towards the path of recovery.

“I've struggled with addiction throughout the majority of my life. Clarity Way helped me find a better, more capable person within myself and helped address all of those things that I'd been using drugs and alcohol to avoid for far too long. During my stay at Clarity Way, I began to deal with the underlying issues that I discovered had partially caused my addiction. By working through them, I finally realized that not only could I be sober, but that I wanted to be.”


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