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Life Purpose Counseling at Our Luxury Rehab Center

We believe that recovering from alcohol and/or drugs requires more than achieving physical wellness. At our luxury rehab center, clients work with a Life Purpose coach who helps them define and work toward important personal goals. If you are considering enrolling here, our Recovery Support Team can help you identify your own goals — and then guide you toward the changes you will need to make in order to unlock your full potential.

Part of an Individualized Recovery

Our luxury rehab center provides each and every client with an individualized path to lifelong recovery that incorporates holistic wellness. Our recovery center only accepts up to 6 detox and 17 rehabilitation clients at one time, assuring our ability to provide truly personalized physical, emotional, and spiritual treatment in a luxurious, community-oriented environment. As clients heal physically and psychologically from the damage substance abuse causes, they also work to discover their life's purpose — a process that provides personal enlightenment and keeps their minds off using drugs and/or alcohol.

Life Purpose Coaching provides a range of important benefits for our clients, many of whom have never set or achieved personal goals. In some cases, this lack of direction contributed directly to addiction; in others, addiction led to a loss of direction. Rediscovering a commitment to family and personal relationships, higher education, professional considerations, or hobbies all help clients find satisfaction within. At our luxury rehab center, establishing life's purpose, as well as the route for achieving it, helps our clients find fulfillment, boost self-esteem, and stay focused on sustaining a life lasting sobriety.

Actionable Steps for a Sustainable Recovery

Our Life Purpose Coaching program not only helps our clients discover and reengage with their personal goals, but it also helps clients identify and take the appropriate steps toward achieving those goals. For example, clients practice applying and interviewing for jobs; they learn how to enjoy and manage sometimes-challenging family get-togethers; they practice setting and keeping a schedule. For many people recovering from alcohol and/or drug addiction, mastering these life skills helps them avoid relapse and maintain focus on their individual goals. It also helps them define needs, set realistic expectations, and regain a sense of personal pride.

Find Your Individual Path to Recovery at Our Luxury Rehab Center

In addition to Life Purpose Coaching, clients benefit from a range of the most progressive treatments in addiction science today. Following medically managed detox, our experienced and qualified staff develops a customized treatment plan that incorporates psychotherapies that help our clients figure out why drug and/or alcohol abuse became a problem to begin with. These therapies may include behavior modification such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or psychotherapies that address past trauma or mental health. Addiction counseling also plays an important role. In addition, because our residential treatment center is small and community-focused, group therapy sessions — which are essential to the healing process of every client — are less intimidating.

Treatment includes additional programming as well. Physical therapies, such as Fitness Training, Massage Therapy, and Acupuncture provide clear health benefits; Family Therapy helps clients heal the relationships that matter most. When residential care ends, our Aftercare program assures our continued involvement in every client's recovery. In fact, when inpatient treatment ends, many clients report feeling stronger physically, spiritually, and emotionally than they have in years.

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“Had my son not gotten to Clarity Way when he did I don't think he ever would have even had a chance at recovery. Through the time spent at your facility he was able to be himself again, and to gain tools to be able to continue his recovery after leaving your center. I'm so thankful that we found you, you put our family back together.”

Sarah Y., California

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