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Neurobiofeedback Therapy

Neurobiofeedback Therapy at Our Luxury Rehab Center

Neurobiofeedback, also known as neurotherapy and neurofeedback, measures brainwave activity and blood flow for the purpose of teaching better self-regulation. It is a progressive treatment that has shown effectiveness in treating addiction, ADHD, depression, anxiety, brain damage, epilepsy, and more. Our luxury rehab center is proud to provide this important, cutting edge therapy to our clients, for whom better self-regulation is of the utmost importance.

The History of Neurobiofeedback

Although Neurobiofeedback is a new addition to addiction treatment, the technology itself is nearly 100 years old. Developed in Germany in 1924 by a German psychiatrist, neurotherapy measured the first brainwave currents that eventually resulted in the electroencephalogram. Further refinements continued through the 20th century, with several mid-century scientists claiming to have taught treatment subjects to control their brainwaves. Today, brainwave therapy is used in the treatment of alcoholism, addiction, and anxiety.

Proven Clinical Effectiveness

Neurobiofeedback Therapy for addiction is not science fiction – it is a clinically proven therapy supported by considerable research evidence. In a study published in the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse of 121 clients at a drug and alcohol inpatient center, it was found that “experimental subjects remained in treatment significantly longer than the control group,” which led to “enhanced treatment retention, variables of attention, and abstinence rates one year following treatment.”

Biofeedback Therapy has also been shown to integrate well with both traditional and culturally specific treatment modalities. In a three year follow up study of Navajo clients undergoing Biofeedback Therapy for substance abuse, 84% met DSM-IV criteria for full or partial remission. Neurobiofeedback Therapy is not intended as a replacement for addictions counseling, but rather as an additional tool that complements other therapies, giving clients a powerful ally on the road to recovery.

How Neurobiofeedback Works

Neurobiofeedback Therapy

When used in substance abuse treatment, Neurobiofeedback trains the waves of the brain to function more efficiently. Our Neurobiofeedback Therapist assesses each client to measure brainwave activity and detect imbalances. After the areas needing treatment have been identified, our therapist then adds visual and aural feedback, thus “retraining” the brain to behave normally. The results include improved mental clarity, healthier emotions and decision-making skills, and better sleep habits. Over time, the new brainwave patterns become the norm, not the exception, and form the basis for life-enhancing skills. One study found that people with substance abuse problems who received Neurobiofeedback Therapy were twice as likely to sustain sobriety than those who did not receive it.

A Holistic Recovery

Neurobiofeedback Therapy is part of the comprehensive, holistic treatment program provided to clients at our luxury drug and alcohol rehab center. We specialize in creating personalized recovery plans for each of our clients in our small, community-oriented environment. Following medically-managed detox, each client will receive a minimum of 10-15 individual sessions per week — including Neurobiofeedback — in addition to several small group therapy sessions, outings, and Family Therapy. From Fitness Training to Nutrition education to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, your rehabilitation program will be customized for your specific needs.

Aftercare at Our Luxury Rehab Center

Staying sober inside our luxurious facility and staying sober in the world outside rehab are two different matters. That is why our luxury rehab center offers a personalized Aftercare plan to each client, designed specifically for certain lifestyle needs. Clients benefit from follow up therapy sessions, regular phone calls, and local support groups that provide the extra motivation clients sometimes need to avoid relapse. In addition, our rehab center also hosts tune-up weekends; clients are also welcome to extend their stay, should longer-term care be required.

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