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Psychodrama Therapy at Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Psychodrama Therapy is a form of individual therapy often performed in a group setting. During Psychodrama, a participant role-plays a dramatization of a real-life event in order to gain a greater understanding of his or her life. Psychodrama Therapy at our drug and alcohol rehab helps our clients achieve closure from past painful or unfinished events and prepare for a sober, successful future.

The Theatre of Spontaneity

Psychodrama, developed and refined in the late 20th century, helps people improve their ability to respond creatively and spontaneously to challenging situations in a “Theatre of Spontaneity.” Although Psychodrama Therapy at our alcohol and drug rehab is performed in a group setting — with other group members acting as protagonists — the therapy itself is individual. Our Psychodrama Therapist believes that learning to develop spontaneous solutions to difficult events helps clients inhabit new roles, develop self-confidence, and avoid relapse.

How Psychodrama Therapy Works

Psychodrama Therapy helps our alcohol and drug rehab clients learn more about their own motivations and preferences. Often, Psychodrama Therapy requires a client to act as his or herself while another group member acts out his or her inner voice. On other occasions, the client will speak to the drug or alcohol directly. In addition to substance abuse, Psychodrama Therapy can be used to treat anxiety and depression — two common side effects of addiction. How Psychotherapy Drama works for each client depends upon the needs of the individual as well as the treatment program designed.

Psychotherapies at Our Luxury Rehab Center

Our luxury rehab center offers a wide range of psychotherapies in addition to Psychodrama Therapy that help our clients better understand their addictions. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, for example, helps clients unearth the root causes of addiction while teaching them how to avoid the triggers that frequently precede relapse. Neurobiofeedback trains brainwaves to respond normally to certain stimuli. Other non-cognitive therapies — such as Fitness Training — provide a clear psychological benefit as well. At our luxury rehab center, our drug and alcohol rehabilitation program focuses on the specific needs of each client to provide a personalized, holistic path to recovery.

Our Luxury Rehab Facility

The luxury rehab facility features several luxurious amenities that help our clients relax and focus on making a complete recovery from substance abuse. State of the art Music and Art Therapy studios, a fully equipped fitness center, a gourmet kitchen, a spa, and made-to-order meals address our clients' individual holistic needs. There are both private and semi-private rooms available, in addition to The Cottage at Clarity Way, an ultra-exclusive rehab facility located on the same grounds as our luxury rehab center. Call us now at 1-877-628-1489, and find out how our progressive therapies can help you find your path to recovery.

A WORD FROM OUR CLIENTS Hear more about how we've enabled our clients to move forward from addiction towards the path of recovery.

“Thank you so very much for thinking about our daughter as she turns the one year milestone of sobriety. This week our entire extended family will attend a support group meeting recognizing her achievement. It's a happy time for all of us and I credit Clarity Way for giving her the tools to deal with the devil of substance abuse.”

John R.

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