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Over-the-Counter Drug Addiction

Get Over-the-Counter Drug Addiction Help at Our Luxury Rehab Center

Did you know that abusing several over the counter drugs can end in addiction? Medicines that treat cough and cold, nausea, and weight loss can produce serious and even life-threatening dependency problems. Although some states ban the sale of dangerous OTC drugs on store shelves, others do not β€” and parents of adolescents in particular should be aware the OTC drug addiction is a serious problem that can lead to a lifetime of health and wellness issues.

Although adolescents are more likely to develop an addiction to over-the-counter drugs, anyone can abuse them and should consider OTC drug addiction help.

What Are OTC Drugs?

Over the counter drugs are a large category of medications available without a prescription: diet aids, headache and back ache management, cough and cold pills or syrup, sleep aids, motion sickness tablets, and much more. Taking more than the recommended dose can lead to serious mental and physical impairment, including coma and death.

Pharmaceutical companies spend millions every year advertising over the counter drugs on TV as a cure for body pain, headaches, or muscle issues. Addicts often start using OTC drugs as self-medication for pain management or for coughs and colds. Like alcohol, OTC drug rehab is extremely challenging because the drugs are sold freely and legally across the United States.

What to Know About OTC Drug Addiction

Family members who have a genetic link to addiction or who live in an environment where drugs are readily available are far more likely to develop a substance abuse problem than those who do not. If you keep potentially addiction-forming over-the-counter drugs in your home make a habit of tracking how much medicine you have on hand. If you notice missing pills or bottles, you may be dealing with a substance abuse problem, even if there are no obvious symptoms of abuse.

If you notice any of the following behaviors, it may be time to get OTC drug addiction help:

  • Poor or worsening performance in school or at work
  • A new and untrustworthy crowd, or more time spent alone
  • Evidence of pill wrappers or empty bottles when no illness is present
  • Once-loved activities don’t interest you anymore for no obvious
  • Periods of exhaustion, anxiety, or depression followed by moments of excitability or euphoria
  • Changes in appetite, weight, or sleep habits
  • Empty plastic or paper bags, especially when accompanied by empty bottles or cans of common household chemicals such as glue, nail polish remover, or cleaning chemicals
  • Worsening irrational behavior

Drug Addiction Treatment Center

At our luxury rehab center, we help people who develop addiction issues reengage with healthy, substance-free lifestyles. Our experienced Recovery Support Team is well qualified to treat all aspects of addiction, from the early physical recovery through the lifelong path to sobriety. The treatment modalities we use include the most successful and progressive therapies known in addiction science today. Our clients learn why they started abusing drugs and learn how to cope with the stresses associated with living in sobriety.

We also encourage our clients to reengage with the people and activities they loved before drugs, because we know these experiences encourage sober, satisfying living.

If someone you care about has developed an addiction to an over-the-counter drug, the time to get help is now. Research from respected organizations such as the National Institute on Drug Abuse clearly demonstrates that getting help early improves outcomes, as does enrolling in long term, individualized care. At our luxury drug rehab center, we offer inpatient, individualized treatment programs with a comprehensive aftercare program because we are committed to your individual recovery.

The OTC Rehab Center at Clarity Way

Our caring and highly trained staff will guide you or your loved one through our progressive OTC drug rehab options. We offer a holistic treatment plan that clients can customize to best suit their rehab needs. We focus on healing the whole person – mind, body, and spirit – with a minimum of 10 to 15 individual sessions per week.

Clients at our OTC rehab explore the underlying roots of their addiction and re-engage in the world through treatment modalities including Art Therapy, Addiction Education, Music Therapy, Psychodramatic Therapy, Neurobiofeedback Therapy, and more. We also boast a fully equipped fitness center and a healthy gourmet kitchen.

After Care for Long-Lasting Success

We know that once clients leave our supportive environment, they will be confronted with OTC drugs every time they visit a pharmacy. The presence of OTC drugs in your life is something you must learn to deal with and overcome during your path to recovery. Throughout your stay at Clarity Way, you are given the tools to develop a strategy for preventing relapse. We work with clients to create an aftercare program that fits their specific needs.

Clarity Way clients receive a minimum of one year of aftercare support. Our highly trained aftercare therapist is responsible for maintaining communication after a client has left our treatment center and for arranging follow-up therapy sessions on an outpatient basis. Through this, we provide clients with the tools and guidance needed to make healthy choices for the future.

Call our luxury rehab center for more information about our holistic addiction recovery program at 1-877-628-1489, and get the help your family needs today.

A WORD FROM OUR CLIENTS Hear more about how we've enabled our clients to move forward from addiction towards the path of recovery.

“When you go to treatment, you expect that most of what you're told is exaggerated. You expect the facility to be nice, but not quite how the center describes it - in this point, I was mistaken, it actually exceeded my expectations. You expect the therapy to be good, but not spot on with addressing your needs - in this point, I was again mistaken, as it also exceeded my expectations. Clarity Way has been an excellent experience for me and for my family - the individual time was key for my recovery and to assist my family so that we could move forward together. I can't speak highly enough of the therapy team, the medical staff and the support staff. Across the board, everyone was wonderful and motivating in the ways that were appropriate for me.”

Trevor J.

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